Interesting Background on the Miniseries

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red - Joyce Reardon, Steven Rimbauer, Ridley Pearson

This book is basically an added background on the miniseries Rose Red, which was written by Stephen King. The miniseries was okay, and in all honesty, the book is about average.


While this book is rumored to have been written by King, I seriously doubt that speculation. It's not just because I'm a skeptic or anything like that; it's that the tone lacks King's speed, precision, and overall style. Either he really disguised his style well or it wasn't him that wrote it.


Ellen is interesting, but I did find the interruptions from Reardon and Stephen Rimbauer to be rather disjointed and odd. Overall, the story is intriguing, and watching Ellen and John fall into what can only be described as severe mental illness is quite fascinating.


The only element I wasn't fond of was the truth of the psychic powers; however, I knew going in that the book had a lot of woo elements and that it played an important part in the horror elements in the miniseries.