Hipster Ariel's Literary Grotto

I read all kinds of books (one of my friends jokes that I will read anything that holds still long enough), but sci fi/fantasy is my favorite. I also love books on anthropology and archaeology and other sciences.

Currently reading

Serpent's Kiss
Melissa de la Cruz
Aeschylus' Prometheus bound and The seven against Thebes
Don't Think of an Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate: The Essential Guide for Progressives
Dan Hazen, Howard Dean, George Lakoff
Dance Hall of the Dead
Tony Hillerman
Zombie Impact: Series (Volume 1)
Craig Halloran
Jane Austen's England
Roy Adkins, Lesley Adkins
Doctor Who: Only Human
Gareth Roberts
Talking to the Enemy: Violent Extremism, Sacred Values, and What it Means to Be Human
Scott Atran
The Harvey Girls: Women Who Opened the West
Lesley Poling-Kempes
Warrior: En Garde (BattleTech, No. 37)
Michael A. Stackpole