I Think I Was Too Young When I Last Read This

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

I tried to read Great Expectations when I was fifteen, and I think I was a bit too young to have attempted it. The writing is lovely, and I was surprised there was no romantic aspect Pip's pining constantly.


I did find that it dragged a bit in places, but otherwise I found the prose to be written well and the majority of the characters interesting. Even the antagonists weren't obviously bad and clear cut as in other bits of literature. I was surprised at how some of the nicest seeming characters turned out to be nasty, and some of the nastiest seeming characters turned out to be really nice. Overall it was very true to life.


I didn't understand why Great Expectations was a classic ten years ago, but now I think I do. In reading this, I have not only regained interest in classic novels,  I've also developed a new respect for Dickens.