Not As Good As the First, But Not Bad Either

Fool Moon - Jim Butcher

I felt that this book could have done to have been a bit shorter. It dragged in a few places. Don't get me wrong; the story itself was interesting, but I would have liked to have seen fewer spots of lag and more character development.


I would have especially liked to have had more interaction with Tera, because we never really get to know what kind of werewolf she is or much about her, really.


I will also say that I didn't think the plot twists that happened would have happened. It did keep me guessing, which is what a good book does, especially one as mystery heavy as the Dresden Files series.


I have started on Grave Peril (I have through White Knight in my collection) and it's already picking up. Maybe it was the tired werewolf tropes that got to me, or maybe it was just the weird pacing, but Grave Peril already seems to be much better, so there is that.