So Stupid It Hurts

Starseed: The Third Millennium : Living in the Posthistoric World - Ken Carey

This book contains so much nonsense it's not even funny. The author actually believed that there was a conspiracy to keep the population down in order to lower the probability of producing a person who could see the higher planes of existence, that people can have innate skills from their past lives, and atheists cannot access these so-called higher planes because "you can't know yourself without believing in god."


The complete and utter nonsense in this book is ludicrous, and the misuse of scientific terminology is such that any mildly scientifically literate person can see straight through it. Such terms as "the next stage of human evolution" is one that is used in a lot of New Age books and displays a complete lack of scientific literacy among people in the New Age movement. I may not be as scientifically literate as I should, but at least I know that evolution is graduated, and not some ridiculous punctuated equilibrium that so many think it is.