A Fascinating book on the Effects of Hyperfeminization

Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture - Peggy Orenstein

I liked this book, don't get me wrong. It gave some interesting statistics on the girly girl culture and how to help keep girls from equating beauty with self worth. As a girl who went through a lot of this, I can appreciate that.

I can see why people stated that it didn't offer many good solutions to the problem of hypersexuality because it's there, but very subtle. Most of her advice on how to solve involves saying no and having conversations. Considering this is what my parents did when I was younger, I've seen that it worked, for the most part.


I wasn't particularly fond of the tone she used, hence why it doesn't have a higher rating from me, but I think she is so passionate that it can come off as a little hectic. I will say that it frustrated me that some of this marketing has gone on, but Orenstein's advice will definitely help me with shopping for my nieces, although one of my nieces is sixteen, so the problems with shopping for them may lie more with my one year old niece.


I've already decided to talk with my kids about what I will and will not get them once I do have children and not to assume they're stupid or uninterested in learning my perspective, but this definitely hit home the need to communicate to my future children so they don't think "mommy's just mean" or something in that vein.