An Interesting View of the Trials of Socrates

Apology - Plato

Before I read this, I had no idea why Socrates was tried and put to death. If Plato's (admittedly biased) account is to be believed, it sounds like Socrates was unjustly accused of corrupting youth and was not given a fair trial.


I found some of his statements quite brilliant, such as that we are not as wise as many of us seem to think. I admit that I will never have a deep knowledge of the Higgs boson, but that's okay because that's not within the realm of my expertise.


I did find some of his statements rather perplexing, such as his belief that money comes from virtue; I don't see it that way. I find that money comes from treachery and lying, in many respects.


Overall, this is an interesting look at the corrupt justice system of Socrates' time and a good argument demonstrating Socrates' probable innocence. Obviously, to figure out if he was actually innocent, I would have to read the opposition's opinions, but perhaps that will be for another day.