An Enjoyable Thrill Ride

Déjà Dead - Kathy Reichs

I can see why a lot of fans of the television series featuring Temperance Brennan would not like this series. While I do love Bones, I definitely find the book series to be good on its own as well.


First, don't go in thinking it will be a carbon copy of the TV series. In the books, Tempe is older, divorced, and a recovering alcoholic. To me, this makes the story more believable than the TV series.


Second, the science mentioned has been complained to be cloying. First off, remember this is a series written by a forensic anthropologist, so naturally there will be nuances, scientific data, and technical jargon galore. Personally, I think of this as thrillers for anthropologists.


The realism of the story was also highly appreciated. I've always hated mystery novels because I can generally predict how they will end. Like Dr. Brennan in this book, I had no idea what what going to happen until she did. I consider that a pretty big success as far as Kathy Reichs' writing ability goes.


I can definitely see myself reading the rest of the series. Once the second book goes on sale on the Nook, it will be the next book I read on there.