A Profoundly Powerful Memoir

Farewell to Manzanar with Connections - Jeanne Watatsuki Houston, James D. Houston

I had just visited Manzanar before I began reading this. The outrage and anger was fresh in my mind, and this only served to shock me further.


This really is a book everyone should read. It was heartbreaking to see this harmless family go from being largely accepted by their fellow citizens to being treated like second class citizens, to imprisoned in the middle of nowhere to finally being seen as foreigners in their own country. To see how she had to be the model white girl to prove her Americanness yet also retain what her family saw as a model Japanese girl demonstrates the hardship many first and second generation Americans face.


I highly recommend this to all people because it shows not only how xenophobic we are as a society, but also illustrates the need to teach about this dark part of our history.