Had a Lot of Potential, But Screwed the Pooch in the End

Beasts and Maidens - M.E. Timmons

This book had the potential to be a decent story, but, well...it sort of faltered. I was hoping for a more modernized version of the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, but what ended up happening was confusing.


I was willing to overlook the fact that it needed an editor desperately (the descriptions sounded like a teenager wrote them in a number of places and there were a couple incidents of misuse of vocabulary) if it had a good plot. I'll be honest in that I liked Selene; she was a dynamic, strong character with a great deal of compassion toward the beasts in the story. However, once she fell in love with a beast at first sight when she visited the beasts' camp for the first time bothered me especially since she kind of lost all her personality in one fell swoop. I would have much rather seen her save all the beasts single handedly and then been attracted to a former beast after the curse is broken and seeing them get to know each other; the love at first sight thing was just silly and unnecessary, in my mind.


If you like cheesy romance novels, this is probably a good choice for you. If not, you won't like it very much.