Had High Hopes, But They Were Dashed

I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore

I was told this book was fantastic. There were several problems that prevented me from liking it, unfortunately.


First, if you're going to do a first-person perspective, you need to know you're going to lose a lot of room for description and the plot can get bogged down by too mundane plot points. Unfortunately, this book fell into the latter problem. It became bogged down by the average everyday doldrums that many parts were difficult, at best, to get through.


Second, the dialogue was very stilted. It almost seemed wooden in many places, and things that should have presented very difficultly were solved with a mere few words. I understand that it's geared at young adults, but does it really have to be so idealized?


Finally, the one great thing about using the first person in literature is the fleshing out of characters. The problem was, there was so little development in the characters that it was ridiculous. I think the main character was a total Gary Stu in the sense that he never struggled and was always perfect. I honestly can't remember the names of any of the other characters, let alone many of their traits. Toward the end, I was hoping the main character would just die so the book could end.