By Far the Dumbest Thing I Have Had the Misfortune of Reading

The Art of Shapeshifting - Ted Andrews

I decided to read this thinking it would be metaphorical and not literal. Quite frankly, I should have known better, as New Age books are rarely, if ever, metaphorical in nature, but I digress.


From the title, I thought it meant the author was going to explain how to figuratively transform the reader's life into something that would make him or her feel better as a person, which is something I don't mind because sometimes that's what people need. As I got further into the book, I realized that no, this guy meant the reader could literally transform into various animals, including mythical animals such as a phoenix; this is dangerous behavior and quite frankly rather terrifying.


This is the kind of slop I imagine some bored housewife gets into and not something someone with half a brain could read and enjoy. Avoid this garbage at all costs.