Mermaids 101: Exploring the Magical Underwater World of the Merpeople - Doreen Virtue I really didn't like the idea that Virtue was continuing to perpetuate the aquatic primate hypothesis, because it has been disproved a long time ago and thus by doing so is continuing to send out misinformation to vulnerable people looking for facts.However, I did like hearing that the women mentioned in the book are using their fascination with mermaids or think they were mermaids in a past life are trying to improve knowledge of the ocean and consciousness about the environmental damage being done every day. I may not agree with their belief systems, but I love their methods of interesting kids on the subject of environmentalism. In a world where people stereotype science as being high brow stuff that only rich men could enjoy, it's very important to show kids the importance of science and a whimsical method that both children and adults can appreciate may help.