A Texan's Promise - Shelley Gray I received this as a free Friday book on my Nook. I decided to get it because I figured, how does one know what one likes if one knows what one doesn't like?I don't know if I picked the wrong book to read, but I couldn't get past the first twenty-five pages (for the record, I try to read the first fifty pages before deciding it's not worth finishing). The male protagonist is the stereotypical good guy, and the author makes it abundantly clear that the reason the weak female protagonist is attracted to him is because he's christian and quotes the bible as much as possible; she also describes him as a paragon of morality because of his beliefs, which made me uncomfortable because I have met plenty of moral and immoral people from all demographics. The female protagonist is basically your standard damsel in distress who is nothing more than a device for the protagonist to fall in love with.The brother was your standard man child, and the mother was a caricature of a mother who knows her daughter is being abused but cannot take any action.I would recommend this book to people who like romance and the idea of being rescued with scripture added in, but anyone looking for something more, stay away.