A Victim of Bullying - Travis Bughi I became briefly acquainted with Travis Bughi when we were professional volunteers at a National Jamboree when we were teenagers. I've kept in touch with him over the years, but not what I would call very close touch due to the fact that we met at a national event and live thousands of miles away.When I found out that he had published a couple books, I decided to check out his work to see what his writing style was like, so I got a copy of this for free on my Nook.First, let me admit that I thought by the title that this was a young adult fiction. I will preface this by saying that, from what I remember of Bughi, he was the type of guy that easily would have been a popular guy at school with me, so it shocked me when I started reading this and discovered it was a memoir. I found myself relating to the story he told. I, like Bughi, was bullied heavily in elementary school in much the same fashion as he did. The only difference was, there was a little more physical violence against me in elementary school. I liked that he showed how he survived it and strengthened against it and that he demonstrated just how deep a bully's abuse can really be. This is a very delicate subject, and I believe he addressed it appropriately. I strongly recommend this for kids who are looking for someone to relate to and to give them methods to combat against the bullies.