The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness - Randolph Winters I tried to read this, but I just couldn't stand to read it any further. This book is incredibly racist; don't get me wrong, I expect racist characters and themes in books like the John Carter series, but not from a book published in 1994. The fact that not only is it one massive logical fallacy, but also includes the "indigenous" people of Earth being dark skinned, dark haired and primitive while the "aliens who bred with us" as being tall, blonde, blue eyed, and extremely technologically advanced was too much. To quote Carl Sagan, the likelihood of an alien successfully mating with a human is about as likely as mating a man and an artichoke. I can deal with that element in a fictional work, but not in a book that claims to be actual history. Even worse was the history of the Pleiades including a dark ages as the result of scientists while the priesthood brought enlightenment; it was just laughable, especially when you consider that every dark age has historically been during times in which science and reason were rejected.I have read a lot of books on aliens, and many books of this caliber make great science fiction, if nothing else. This was just one big white supremacist, science-phobic piece of garbage.